Blockchain Startup Review: Trends and Opportunities

With the real ICOs boom over the past few months, it becomes harder to choose the right one to invest. Some investors consider projects’ focus on innovation, while others haunt the promising ones, which seem to have the high potential in the nearest future. Just like bitcoin used to have a couple of years ago.

So, for you not to get lost in the variety of ICOs emerging almost every day, we have chosen some of the recent projects that are well worth attention.

LoyalCoin – uniting loyalty programs worldwide

The Appsolutely team came with the idea to create a universal reward currency – LoyalCoin tokens, which allow earning bonus points and spending them anywhere. For brands, it’s a new way to connect with their customers, increase their loyalty and generate revenue. For customers, it’s the possibility to be always on track with multiple discounts, offers, coupons, etc., without keeping all those numerous loyalty cards in their wallets.

The users get a virtual wallet instead, LoyalWallet, where they can store all their bonuses and use them the way they want:

  • Pay for services or goods at any place, regardless of the company they’ve earned the tokens;
  • Cash out bonuses in case of need;
  • Send bonus points as a gift to the friends.

Thus, LoyalCoin is going to transform the loyalty economy, as well as provide mutual benefit for merchants and their customers. If the ICO is a success, they are going to launch the platform in Q1 2018.

DeepBrain Chain – making AI affordable

AI became another one buzzword lately, alongside with the blockchain. Still, artificial intelligence requires too much computing resources for processing huge amounts of data, which makes hard to make use of the technology. No wonder DeepBrain Chain team decided to make AI accessible all over the world, by empowering it with blockchain principles of decentralization and security. The main benefits of such blockchain-based AI computing platforms are as follows:

  1. Minimizing costs spent on the hardware for artificial intelligence adoption;
  2. Improving computing performance of the deep neural network and fast response;
  3. Unifying different AI platforms for data exchange and processing.

The solution is an ideal choice for small and medium businesses, who cannot afford huge initial investment into AI technology. The ICO has already started, and the platform release is planned for early 2018.

Aworker – reshaping recruitment with blockchain

Most of the job seeking platforms around the globe lack the main point: trust in the employers and the employees. Aworker sets quite an ambitious goal: to revolutionize the recruitment processes. The platform is going not only to connect the applicants with enterprises but also bring a number of the advantages to both parties:

  • Huge potential employees database, with verified set of skills and reputation;
  • Referral program, which allows earning bonuses for recommending a friend;
  • Fast candidate search (or job search for the applicants) and evaluation neutrality.

As a result, the candidates get a higher chance to find a dream job, while businesses may cut down on hire costs. The first phase of the token sale will start in January 2018, and the final full-functional rollout is scheduled for early 2019.

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