The Great Bang Social Media Created in Information & Communication Technology and Their Challenges

Social media has really added a great bang to the information and communication technology. Ever since it emerged, ICT has never remained the same. With the introduction of mobile phones, the impact escalated with the way people stay online. The mobile technology had made it possible for people to go online at any point in time not minding where they are at the moment.

Because people can now connect to the internet with their phones anywhere without waiting for when they get home to use laptop or desktop computer, it has increased the traffic on social media (SM).

It has now grown from a platform where people can just associate with friends to a platform where people carry out real business activities. It is used in such a way that different spheres of life are shaped like:

  • politics,
  • education,
  • people’s careers,
  • innovation,
  • world culture
  • and many others.

What is a social media influencer?

Below are listed different ways through which SM created a bang in the society:

How The Social Media Affects The Politics

SM has aided greatly in campaigns during elections in later days. Many people don’t bother going to print their flyers and posters to share on the road and streets but they design their flyers and posters and simply share on Instagram, facebook, twitter and other.

This seems more effective because less is spent on the campaign and many people are reached through this means because when friends see it and share on their timeline; their own friends get to see it and pass it around too.

A study has shown that the number of people that get news is higher on social media than the one done outside social media. This creates a kind of online community and campaign group which has more effect than any other one.

How Social Media Affects The Society

The record has shown that half of the world is now in social media. This has grown to what we can now call the global village. People get more connected in social media because that is where they share news, photos, videos and other things that make them happy. They can form groups of similar interest and interact based on their different needs.

With the creation of social media, politics and culture have gained more voice than in the previous years. Although some frown at this owing to the fact that some people do not actively get involved in what is happening in real life, they simply depend on social media to click “like” or forward any content that catches their fancy.

How SM Affects The Commerce

How SM Affects The Commerce

Almost all companies have created SMhandles through which they advertise and talk about their businesses. It is difficult to see a company without SM handle these days. The importance of carrying customers along through SM can never be over-emphasized.

They have come to see how easy and cost-effective it is to market and promote their businesses through social media. Take away SM and you will notice that market cannot move forward as expected, it is like an engine that can propel a business to a higher level without much waste of time and energy.

How Socal Media Affects The Entrepreneurship Recruitment

It has affected the rate at which entrepreneurs hire and recruit staff for their companies. Vacant positions can be easily published on social media for people to read and react. Those that are seeking for employment don’t need to search from one street to the other before they get the employment they want.

They simply log in and see vacancies displayed by companies or the ones shared by their friends and interested candidate can easily apply without having to go to the company to drop their CVs. A LinkedIn profile is enough for a manager to know if a prospective employee is the kind of person he would work with.

This has reduced stress on both sides; employees and employers.

How Social Media Affects Training and Development

Research has shown that so many people get trained and developed through social media platform. Many agreed that social media has encouraged their learning and improved them in their different areas. Аnd some had acquired more knowledge on different fields that are not originally theirs and they are doing well there.

Social media encourages distant learning so job candidates might not need to travel a long distance to get trained but can comfortably do so in their homes through social media platforms.

How Social Media Affects Personal Relationships

Social media has helped in building relationships. Some have up to 2,000 friends on social media which is not ordinarily possible without social media. Although this kind of ‘friend’ does not have the kind of intimacy which conventional friendship offers, where people can get to know and interact with each other face to face.

The Challenges Introduced By Social Media

In as much as the birth of social media has created a great impact in the society, there are some challenges that it introduced too. We are going to walk you through some of the challenges.

Cyber Harassment

Since the advent of SM, a lot of SM harassment has come in. This is normally found among teenagers that attack themselves on social media. Some post videos, pictures and other things to humiliate and blackmail others. A lot of this can be found on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. If some of them ask the opposite sex for an intimate relationship and they decline, they resolve to harassment, spreading rumors and sad stories about the individual concerned.

Lack Of Space To Oneself

This is another challenge social media introduced. People’s information and data can be easily stolen by other social media users. Although the blame is left for the owners of the profile for putting contents that are not meant for public consumption. This calls for the need to educate some on the kind of information to share on social media and those ones to be kept private.

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